Plot 1’s main objective is to take the guess work out of food plots! We have researched dozens of plants, to find the best mixes that will grow in any geographic and climate. While at the same time will be the most effective when it comes to attracting wild game.  

As hunters, we have all looked on retailers shelf, not knowing for sure what will ultimately work and meet our expectations. But not anymore! Plot 1 has put together a number of different mixes containing plants like white clover, red clover, chicory, rape, radishes and oats. Along, with low salt mineral licks, focused on bringing in wild game.
One of the most exciting features of Plot 1 mixes is our germination rates. To ensure that we are providing one of the very best products available, all of our seeds have been tested by Michigan Crop Improvement, resulting in germination rates of between 85% and 99%. These are some of the best germination rates we have seen yet!
As we grow, we stay dedicated to always giving our hunters the best. When our hunters are happy, we are happy. We live and breath this lifestyle, and we want others who share our values, to swear by our product.