Plot 1 is one of the most dedicated food plot companies out there. We continuously strive to better our technology and products. We work with a number of organizations, constantly experimenting with our mixes and minerals. Beyond our product, educating hunters is our passion. We take the guess work out of food plots, so our hunters can spend more time in the stand.

As a locally grown business, we develop our products based off real woods experiences. Whether our hunters are buying 5 pounds or 500 pounds we take the phone call. We take the guess work out of food plots. With a 1 on 1 approach, we help hunters create a customized management plan, specifically for their hunting environment.

Our dedication doesn’t stop with our hunters. As we strive for growth, Plot 1 is just as dedicated to our retailers. With multiple wholesale programs available, we do whatever it takes to get our products on your shelves. It doesn’t matter the need, we do our best to accommodate it. To take it even further, Plot 1 can customize mixes, and create new ones all together. As we plant our roots, we grow our focus throughout the country. We realize terrains and climates change across all geographies. If your interested in selling Plot 1 products, you can rest assured our product will work for your hunters.

 If you want to keep your customers coming back, keep Plot 1 on your shelves. Feel free to contact us today to get started. We are ready and waiting to do earn your business.